Friday, December 5, 2008

Last-Minute Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Too busy dashing through malls and last-minute to-do lists to think about holiday table trims?

Not to worry! These quick centerpiece ideas lend a feeling of Christmas to any occasion. They don't take time or money you don't have...just a simple touch of glass.
Begin by setting out some favorite glass pieces where they can catch the holiday lights. Then haul out the holly, trims and imagination to create sparkling table toppers in a twinkling!

Hosting a gala dinner for family and friends? Red and white tea roses, covered or uncovered, crown a cake stand in dazzling holiday style.

Here's how: Place wet floral foam on top of cake stand. Cut rose stems to 3 inches. Insert stems into foam, covering entire surface. Fill spaces with greenery. Add luster with tiny gold gift boxes and a swirl of mini lights and gold mesh.

Or welcome guests with a merry trio of ruby goblets a-shine with quiet candlelight and tucked in holly sprays. Brighten any buffet with a hurricane vase wreathed in colorful berries and studded with sparkly red and green pears. Fill with a pillar candle and potpourri or cranberries and popcorn to convey: It's clearly Christmas!

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