Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jennifer Hudson's New Interview on Her Star-Spangled Moment

It was only yesterday that the big news broke that Jennifer Hudson will be singing the national anthem on the night that Barack Obama accepts the nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention. Now, the Oscar-winning songstress is opening up about the honor.

"I'm very excited. I'm ecstatic," she tells Sean Valentine of 104.3's "Valentine in the Morning" radio show in L.A.

She says in the interview that nerves aren't a problem for her -- yet. She responds when asked if she's nervous, "Not so much, not right now. If someone asks me that again, I might get nervous. Like, why? Should I be?"

The radio host also broke the news to her that "American Idol" is adding a fourth judge. Her response? "That's great," adding pragmatically,"Hey, it's their show, they can do what they want!"

Jenny McCarthy and Evan's Disneyland Drive!

Beep beep! Jenny McCarthy and her son Evan hit the road at the Disneyland Autopia attraction in Anaheim, California on Tuesday.

Jenny, whose steady is funnyman Jim Carrey, is the author of the book Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism and has been a vocal proponent for autism awareness due to her six-year-old son's journey.

Keith Urban Suffers Back Injury

Country crooner and new dad Keith Urban has been diagnosed with a slipped disc, his publicist tells, but Nicole Kidman's hubby's touring schedule reportedly will not be affected by the injury. There is no word on what caused the slipped disc, but Keith mentioned the ailment to fans at a concert Saturday night in Kelseyville, CA and still managed to deliver "an enthusiastic performance," according to Keith and Nicole had their first daughter together, Sunday Rose, about two months ago. Keith is scheduled to be the headliner slot at this weekend's Country Rocks Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is subsequently scheduled to appear Sept. 5 in New York City for the NFL's Kickoff Show.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bono: Upcoming Election Impacts Whole World

The amazing U2 lead singer and social activist Bono is speaking out about the importance of the upcoming US presidential election -- saying he believes it can significantly impact the rest of the world and its view of America.

"The whole world has a stake in how things turn out," Bono said to thousands of Starbucks Corp. employees in New Orleans during a leadership conference, according to the Associated Press. The singer's (RED) label, which helps raise money to support AIDS programs in Africa, also announced on Wednesday it has partnered with the coffee company, says the AP.

Bono, who did not endorse either presidential candidate, spoke about the importance of brands. According to the AP, Bono told the crowd he feels the upcoming presidential election is a great opportunity to help "relaunch Brand USA," the way the rest of the world views America. The wildly popular U2 frontman is a native of Ireland.i love all of their songs.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Courteney Cox Making a Return to Television Sitcoms?

The dazzling and "Friends" phenom Courteney Cox is coming back to the small screen!

ET confirms that Courteney has teamed up with "Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence to co-executive produce and star in a new half-hour comedy dubbed "Cougar Town," in which the beautiful actress will play a newly-single 40-year old mother.

ABC has picked up the pilot for "Cougar Town," which will be Courteney's first TV series since FX's "Dirt." She is still lovely.

Second 'Dancing' Star's Health Crisis

The phenomenal "Dancing with the Stars" pro Lacey Schwimmer tells the TV show "The Insider"'s Cheryl Woodcock that she was just diagnosed today with the same condition Julianne Hough suffers from.

Lacey tells "The Insider" exclusively that she learned – just today -- that she too has endometriosis -- only after her fellow dancer Julianne Hough was diagnosed with the condition. Lacey tells "The Insider" that she saw a doctor after realizing that she had many of the same symptoms as Julianne, and that she never would have gotten it checked out if it wasn't for Julianne.

Luckily, Lacey only has the early stage of the condition, and is currently only taking medication for it. She tells "The Insider" that surgery isn't necessary at this time.

Julianne underwent surgery related to her endometriosis on Tuesday. She posted the following definition of endometriosis on her Web site: "Endometriosis is the development of uterine-lining tissue outside the uterus on the surfaces of organs in the pelvis or abdomen where they are not supposed to grow. It is a common medical condition found in 5-10 percent of women of reproductive age around the world." It's a entertaining show.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Someone provides care to the client and supervised care of children, elderly or the disabled in a private household. A caregiver has a determination and should have long patience for their client.

There are two objectives in giving care:
  • To help the patient attain his/her highest functional level.
  • To be aware of patients needs.
The basic considerations in assisting client with his/her personal needs is to maintain person's privacy, dignity and safety. The client should be pleased in doing your task. You can also help your client maintain his self-esteem and sense of Independence by encouraging him/her to do as much functions by himself/herself if possible.

There are four Roles of the Caregiver:
  • Know each client's individual goal and expected outcomes.
  • Understand the possible problems that may hinder the recovery process.
  • Report these problems/ changes to supervisors to the Nurse, Physical Therapist and the Physician can decide a course of action.
  • Know that there are usually several short-term goals necessary to achieve a long term goal.


Disability is any restriction or lack of function resulting from an impairment or ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for human being.
There are two kinds of Disability:
  • Primary Disability is an internal or external agent that disrupts an individuals physical or physiological functioning.
There are Four types of Primary Disability:
  • Genetic-present within gene or (hereditary).
  • Pathologic- a result a disease process.
  • Traumatic- results of accidents.
  • Teratogenic-results of drugs during conception.

  • Secondary is the physical response state and the complicating or contributing factors to ability. It may be result of inactivity or an injurious activity after disability.
Complications of Disability
  1. Weakness- losing strength
  2. Pressure sores
  3. Tightening, stiffening of muscles or tendons that is not reversible.
  4. Atrophy- loss of muscles mass.
  5. Contracture- permanent stiffening of a joint together with the surrounding capsule.
  6. Orthostatic hypotension.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

John Mayer Gets Politically Passionate

The greatest singer of all time John Mayer. In a new blog for The Huffington Post entitled "'Hope' Is Not a Buzz Word," the singer gets candid about his strong support for Barack Obama and about his feelings coping with the national tragedy of 9/11.

He writes:

"What Barack Obama says to me is these days are good for something. Just when I'd thought my only role as an adult was to help shoulder the nation through its darkest days (known to us as "the rest of them"), Obama gives me the feeling that I could be alive to witness one of the most brilliant upturns in a country's history. Imagine that -- a young adult in this day and age being given something to someday brag to his children about having being alive to witness. What a concept."

John, who recently sang an impromptu song in honor of Obama at an LA event, writes, "To adults who will vote for him, Barack Obama represents a return to prosperity. To the youth, he represents an introduction to it." He is cute though.

Inside Barack Obama's 30-Minute Ad

The Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama aired a multi-network ad, asking the American people for their votes in the last days of the historic presidential campaign.

Though he said in the ad, which aired on CBS, NBC and FOX, as well as some cable networks, that he would not be a "perfect" president, he promised: "I will always tell you what I think and where I stand."

The ad contained specific cornerstones of Obama's proposed presidential policy, as well as interviews with citizens affected by the economic crisis, like an automotive factory worker and retirees concerned about health care. The ad also touched on Obama's relationship with his parents, and his wife and two young daughters.

At the end of the 30 minute broadcast, Obama appeared live, making an appeal to an excited Florida swing-state crowd: "In six days we can come together as one nation and one people and once more choose our better history. That's what's at stake, that's what we're fighting for." For sure he will win as the new president of the US.