Sunday, August 3, 2008

John Mayer Gets Politically Passionate

The greatest singer of all time John Mayer. In a new blog for The Huffington Post entitled "'Hope' Is Not a Buzz Word," the singer gets candid about his strong support for Barack Obama and about his feelings coping with the national tragedy of 9/11.

He writes:

"What Barack Obama says to me is these days are good for something. Just when I'd thought my only role as an adult was to help shoulder the nation through its darkest days (known to us as "the rest of them"), Obama gives me the feeling that I could be alive to witness one of the most brilliant upturns in a country's history. Imagine that -- a young adult in this day and age being given something to someday brag to his children about having being alive to witness. What a concept."

John, who recently sang an impromptu song in honor of Obama at an LA event, writes, "To adults who will vote for him, Barack Obama represents a return to prosperity. To the youth, he represents an introduction to it." He is cute though.

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