Friday, August 8, 2008


Someone provides care to the client and supervised care of children, elderly or the disabled in a private household. A caregiver has a determination and should have long patience for their client.

There are two objectives in giving care:
  • To help the patient attain his/her highest functional level.
  • To be aware of patients needs.
The basic considerations in assisting client with his/her personal needs is to maintain person's privacy, dignity and safety. The client should be pleased in doing your task. You can also help your client maintain his self-esteem and sense of Independence by encouraging him/her to do as much functions by himself/herself if possible.

There are four Roles of the Caregiver:
  • Know each client's individual goal and expected outcomes.
  • Understand the possible problems that may hinder the recovery process.
  • Report these problems/ changes to supervisors to the Nurse, Physical Therapist and the Physician can decide a course of action.
  • Know that there are usually several short-term goals necessary to achieve a long term goal.

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