Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kakay has a new vehicle

My best friend Kakay purchased a new van for her family business. They are known in our place that has hiring van for their valuable clients wherever in the town. They are in this business for more than fifteen years now. She ask me yesterday where she can secure her brand new van. I have some knowledge on the Internet, I look for the site that caters different types of insurance services. And to know avail I found the wherein they have the short term insurance which is very fit to my best friend's needs. They have various type of insurance from van, bicycles, home, courier, truck, motor home, quad, caravan, travel, and my favorite of all pet insurance. I can't believe it upon reading all their products and services that they are rendering. Their company is one of a kind. That's why I recommend their sites to my bunch of friends who are planning to secure their belongings. As for me, I'm very satisfied with their services and products. Guys, move your mouse right now and click it in the hyperlink above so that you too will enjoy their services as much as me and my best friend are concerned.

Movie Marathon with friends

(Mae- violet shirt, Clemen white shirt, Janz on maroon shirt)
Before my best friend Mae will going to leave this Monday bound to United Kingdom, London I spent most of my time with her. Enjoying each moment with her. She will gone for two long years to study and to work. I will surely miss the time that I'm with her! To my best friend since birth! Mae, Von voyage! God bless you and take care of yourself. Just don't forget my Ipod and Iphone please. hehehehe!

Life is Priceless

Last week, My mom went to a registered medical technologist to examine her urine. And the devastating result was she has a urinary tract infection which her urine has a few pus. And that makes me so worried about her condition. I want my Mom to be a sick free person even though she is starting to enter in the aging stage of her life. I look for some possibilities that I can find in the Internet to secure her medical status. Because I know she will undergone some more test to be out in danger. Just to lessen the hospital bills, I'm looking for the insurance company that can help my Mom out. Thanks to the fastest technology that we have to day which is the Internet I found the No Medical Exam Life Insurance wherein you can save time and money to have you secured. They offer great life insurance not only for you but for your entire family. You don't have to undergo hassle ways. They assured that without the annoying medical exams and tons of paper work that goes with it! That’s right, you don’t have to waste time from your busy lives visiting the doctor and filling in lengthy forms in order to cover yourself completely with our great life insurance. All you have to do is visit their site at and answer some short and simple questions about yourself such as, name and address, date of birth, height and weight. If you are happy with your free quote, you can then purchase your life insurance right online and then simply print out the insurance policy. So, how easy steps is that? So, what are you waiting for? Check them out now.

Charice Pempenco on Glee

Proud to be the first Filipino cast on the top rated Show in the America which is Glee. Our very own Charice Pempengco show her talents in the said show. Many Filipinos in the whole world are dying to see their kababayan or fellowman on television.

I wanted One!

My entire family are planning to have a vacation at the same time a retreat to refreshing up our faith to the Lord. We are targeting this coming December. And the only problem is that we don't have vehicle to use for the said trip. I don't want any family members not to experience this once in a lifetime chance. I search to the Internet to find out remedy to my worries. Thanks to the high technology I found out the rvs for sale wherein I can have it on affordable price. The best thing about the is that you can choose what kind and type of RV's. I don't have to purchase trucks but here's the vehicle that I always wanted. My family's vacation and retreat will be successful if I can one of their RV's. I can't wait for that day to come. Starting today, I have to save some money so that when that day comes all of my family can ride in my new RV. Guys, if you want to save time and money just visit their site at more information.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Talakudong 2010

Today, Tacurong City Celebrates it's 10 years foundation Anniversary. Here are some pictures that I took during the street dancing competition.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Job well done!

I've been living in our house for twenty six years now. Recently we are experiencing troubles in our faucet. I contacted the local plumber but it seems that they doesn't care. So, to have remedy on our problem I look up to the Internet and hoping to find the best plumbing services that can cater our needs. The Internet provides information that I need to know. I found the
plumbing site that offers amazing services to their valued clients. It makes me happy because they are just click away and they respond immediately. Their services are affordable. They also have quality and satisfaction guaranteed to their clients. That's how fantastic they are. They are specializing different kind of services too such as:
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  • Toilet
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  • Rooter
  • Sump Pump
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  • Catch Basin
  • Clean Catch Basin

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Humor is a sweet part of our existence. Laugh at your own mistakes but learn from them. Joke over your troubles but gather strength from them. Make fun of your difficulties but overcome them. Life maybe tough and difficult but the values we gain from trials make is all worth the journey.

Customize your Cards Here!

My Mom is working in the government for thirty years now. She wants her salary to put some business ventures. She recently open a shake business because here in our place even though its rainy season we are still experiencing hot temperature. As a commerce graduate, I suggest that we should make a business strategy in order for the business to grow. I recommend that she should make some business cards. I feel relieved knowing there site offers amazing services wherein you can customize the business cards that you wanted. It's so easy. You can save time and money when you avail their offers. So, guys if you want to become successful in your chosen career or business ventures go to their website now at
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Life can't be perfect!

A perfect life CAN'T be found in wealth, for riches can be taken away... Not in popularity for popular people can be forgotten.. Not in beauty for it is not permanent, Not in intelligence, for it doesn't make us a higher creation of God.. Instead, a perfect life can be found in contentment with the things we have, from the love we give and we get from the people around us and from faith in God who gives us everything..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go healthy!

My Aunt Cana has been experiencing different kinds of sickness these past few days. She went to her doctor but there is no relieved in her doctor's prescriptions. I went to her place to check on her she can't hardly walk due to her arthritis. I pity her just looking to her situation. I immediately get my laptop and search for the best medicine that I can find just to ease her pain. In just a few seconds I notice the Acupuncture Treatments which will definitely heal my Aunt illness. I browse their site carefully and I found out that Acupuncture and Pain Management is one of the top site that offers amazing job to their valued clients . These two words that are linked together in the minds of most patients when they want to healing. I believe in reality bites, because I heard lots of testimonies that they are cured through acupuncture which is only one of several methods of treatment that may be applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The company aim to that their clients will going to satisfy in their services. They are striving their very best to bridge the gap between Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their assurance is that they have dedicated staff has a wide range and depth of experience in both traditional Western and Eastern healing. They tailor treatment for each individual case to ensure successful therapy and healing. I made an appointment for my Aunt. Their response was they are happy to serve us. If you want more information just check them out now at for details.

Tiramaid Theory

I saw this video from a page of my good friend. I enjoy listening to this song. I hope you guys will enjoy as much as I did.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Aunt Oki wants new one!

I thought Aunt Oki will become an old maid and wants to take care of her nephews and nieces all her life but I was surprise that she is now married to her online boyfriend for three months now. Her husband is one of the stock broker in a fishing company. They recently move to a pad where they will start their own family. Aunt Oki loves to collect antique things. I volunteer myself to help her fixing her house. She ask her husband to buy a clock that she dream of having it someday. Morris, aunt oki's husband agreed with her. Aunt Oki shop through Internet in order to save time. She was hook by this site howard miller grandfather clock wherein they have different kinds of clock. They features the latest and oldest style of clock. She got her attention in the Bulova Saxton Godfather Clock which will suited in their receiving area. The Bulova has Height of 87 inches Width of 26 3/4 inches and Diameter of 16 1/2. It has a Hardwood and veneer cabinet with tempered beveled glass. Cable-wound triple-chime movement with rotating moon phase dial. Book-matched crotch mahogany pattern accent. Split fluted columns.Multi step base. Hinged, tempered-glass side movement access doors with beveled edges Aberdeen oak tree. Auto night shutoff feature. They also offer a 2 year warranty on parts and workmanship. Visit their site now and have it at

Michael Douglas Fighting for throat Cancer

Veteran actor Michael Douglas married to a beautiful woman Catherine Zeta-Jones has been supporting him in his battle against cancer. Not letting his cancer diagnosis define him, Michael Douglas appeared on "Late Show with David Letterman" on Tuesday in good spirits. I hope he will get well soon. One of my favorite actor of all time.

Keisha will surely love this!!!!

My goddaughter Keisha will celebrate her second birthday this coming Saturday. But due to time frame her parents move it on Sunday. Her mommy Lyhra wants to be that day a memorable one. She wants a costume party for her only daughter. She search in some local stores located in our town but to no avail they turn her down because they cannot make it on time. Keisha's parents are loosing their hope yesterday. But I intervene in their conversation. I told them what if we browse in the Internet to find what you need. Besides Internet provide us everything we want to know. Without further adieu, Lyhra went to their room and get her laptop. And an instant I found the Barbie Costumes which is very fitted for the party. Keisha love barbie doll so much. As a matter of fact, she has collections of Barbie items in her room. I was surprised that they said yes and they love to be part of Keisha's birthday. The amazing part is that they offer affordable price for my cousin Lyhra to all barbie costumes. Great thing there's a site like this it makes the work so easy. It will save us time and money. I'm so thankful that they will make it a wonderful event to my god daughter. All her toddler friends and classmates will surely come. All of you are invited. Readers, if you want your party to be successful and stress free visit the for more details.

During the Hostage Crisis

Look at this photo! This just mean that our Armed Forces has lack of equipment that can prevent the bloody incident happened last August 23. I pity those who are in uniforms going into the war without gear. May those individual who are corrupt in the government may their conscience prevail.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Very Nice Additional Decoration of your Home

Roselle possessed an attitude of obsessive compulsive. Everyday she wants her home as if she is living near the beach. She is a beach lover. Her husband Mark love the way she decorate their home. To add the beautiful ambiance in their home she purchased online the Cheap Roller Blinds which is perfect to all types of home. Mothers are well known to their amazing characteristics in decorating their homes. The product that this site is selling is a world top class binds that customers will surely satisfy. They are selling all types of binds that will suit your beautiful home. Not only that they are selling this kind of product with high quality and has a good quantity. They have Venetian blinds, Pleated blinds, Wooden venetian, Vertical binds, Roller binds, Roman binds, and Woodweave binds. The best part is you can save time and money. You can choose all kinds of binds that you like. As part of their offer and for your satisfaction guarantee you can personalize the binds that you want to place in your home. When you visit their site now you will learn that their customers are giving their reviews on the product they bought. They also have special offers such as star buy and best sellers. They are renowned in the internet as the one stop blind shop. What are you waiting for tell your friends about this fantastic product and this is a once in a lifetime offer. All you have to do is visit their site at
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Miss Universe 2010

For all 85 candidates who participated in the recent Miss Universe Pageant. Miss Mexico hailed as Miss Universe 2010. She is very pretty and she deserved the crown! Congratulations Miss Mexico...

The solution to your Problem is finally here!!!

My good friend Mercy has been operating her family business for almost four years now. Her business went well in the past years but due to economic condition her business is slowly going down. She wants to save her business because this business has a sentimental value. She inherited her rice retailing business to her great grand mother who work very hard in order to put up a business like these. She is so desperate to save her business. She went to some of our ending companies located in our place to no avail but she was turned down. The next day she went to the nearest internet cafe just to try her luck. In just a split second she found this amazing site that renders all the services that she was looking for. I'm referring to the number one source of financial institution in the internet today the They can provide capital that you need to meet your obligations and grow your business for sure. There one objective is help you grow your business and that can be a challenge on your part. They are giving Business Finance , Business Financing , and perfect for the solution of Mercy's problem the Small Business Financing. But wait there's more services they can offer you for those entrepreneurs who want to start their own business they can do sales on credit terms may eventually need additional working capital. If their sales have created a cash flow shortage in their business, then your company may be able to benefit from accounts receivable financing. My good friend Mercy will surely tell of her friends about this amazing company that answers all their needs. Don't waste time and money click on the linked above to enjoy their services.

Lindsay Lohan Released from Rehab

The 24-year-old controversial actress Lindsay Lohan was initially ordered to receive 90 days of treatment as part of a court order, following her jail sentence for violating the terms of her probation from a 2007 DUI case.
Just 23 days ago, Lohan was released from jail after serving two weeks of her 90-day sentence behind bars.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's finally here!!!

Yes, you read it right my friends. The long wait is over. The cheapest and fastest web hosting site is finally here. I'm referring to blog web hosting wherein you can open an account in a split second. This is a blessing in disguise because our family friend Romy who owned a technical school here in our place and wants his business to grow. His primary objective is to tell the people what are the courses and services they are offering. I consider that this world that we are living is computer generation and people is very dependent on the Internet. As a computer literate, He ask my opinion on how to advertise his school. I look for a web hosting site that caters all that he needs. With cross fingers I found this amazing site Their site offers outstanding services that nobody can give. There services as follows:
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Isn't that amazing? All in one package that all of us can be benefited. The services that struck my attention is that you can create a blog in less than five minutes and not only that there's a 90 day full money back guarantee if it will not work for you. I'm sure if I will relay this information to Romy he will be happy. I can smell his school will become the best of the best and more students will going to enroll. So, guys if you want your business to be known and to grow in instant. Check them out now.

Sarah Palin's Daughter Bristol Breaking up with her Fiance' Levi Johnston

There relationship has finally ended after announcing their engagement. Sarah Palin is very upset after hearing all the information. Bristol made an statement:
"The final straw was him flying to Hollywood for what he told me was to see some hunting show but come to find out it was that music video mocking my family," Bristol tells People. "He's just obsessed with the limelight and I got played."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The best in the Internet today!

A friend of mine name Wawa is new to blogging world. He is so determine to know about blogging and all the stuff. As a professional blogger and a true friend to him I shared some insights for him to learn. First, I look for a web hosting provider that suits his needs in opening a account. The Internet didn't take me down or make me embarrass in front of my friend because I found the widest, the latest and affordable web hosting industry that caters latest news, trends and reviews. I'm referring to webhosting. It's so easy to have an account with them. As I review their site I later on know how we get benefited from them. They give different information to those individuals who doesn't have any idea what is going on around the globe. My friend Wawa is in fashion business, He is considered as one of the finest designer here in our city. The information I told him is very useful in growing his business and for his valued clients. Not only that it will reach his business throughout the world because of this high technology, the Internet. You don't have to wait for days to approve your application. It's just an instant process of approving your application. See, how easy and how fast they take action. Only here you can find it all. Wawa will surely told his bunch of friends how amazing this company and tested and proven that it really works. There is no such thing as this that you can find in the Internet. So, guys don't just sit there and waste your time doing nothing. Check them out now at information.

Aiza Rocks!

Aiza Seguirra is one of my favorite artist in the Philippine Music Industry. Love her to death!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Secure your future here

There's a lot of company in the Internet that promises this or that. But there's one company that is tested and proven in their outstanding services that they are rendering to their valuable clients. This company caters the following services such as: Home, Car, life, business and travel insurance. If you have the characteristics of traveling all across the world, here's the answer to your needs. They offer the cheapest travel insurance. And it is so easy easy to avail in their services. They are only requiring you to answer the questions that are necessary to get the right insurance for you. All you have to do is simply enter your details once, and in the nick of time they will search deals from the top insurers to give you a range of quotes. They assure their customers that it won't cost you a cent. Just grab the right deal for you. They are using advanced statistical analysis to predict your insurance premium based on historical information from their members, they can help you quickly compare the best deals using the information you provide. Each time they provide a quote they receive a little more data to help them more accurately predict travel insurance premiums. This is so easy and they guarantee the satisfaction you'll ever wanted. Just visit their website at for more information.

Para lang sa yo

I love this song. At this very moment in time I'm experiencing this kind of feeling. It's nice so nice.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I love collecting eye and sunglasses

Count me in as fashionista in nature. I love to collect items that will suit me. My taste in eye glasses never fades. I only purchase those valuable items online. Sun and eye glasses are very essential to every individual to protect my eyes against the radiation and heat of the sun. I'm looking for the quality of the product not the quantity. There company are growing because they are considered as the best eyes specialist in the market today. They are catering not only for adults but for children as well. They are using the latest in modern materials, manufacturing and marketing systems they bring their product direct from their factories just for us valuable clients. With no "middlemen", no retail-space overhead, and practically no advertising budget. Their only goal is satisfy their customers to spread the word about their outstanding company . They assure the public that they do not pay for or sell expensive, or even inexpensive brand name frames. The fact of having eyeglasses are definitely a personal fashion and style item, and to that end we strive to provide a fashionable and stylish product. More importantly, they feel prescription eyeglasses are a health item necessity for most wearers, and to that end they take considerable pride in being able to bring to all a very high quality product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices. If I were you, have one as your collection or you can use it in your day to day basis. Visit their page at for details.

True to yourself

I think there is nothing wrong when you are being true to yourself. I have come out from my comfort zone. And it feels good when you don't hide the real you.

Danny's favorite game

My childhood friend Danny is a sports enthusiast. As a sports lover, he introduce all kinds of sports to his siblings and group of friends. There was a time when I went home early, I noticed that Danny and his bunch of friends are having so much fun in his personal computer. To get rid my curiosity, I peep from a window and found out that they are entertained by sport betting. The number one sports entertainer in the Internet today. They have all your favorite sports such as hockey, football, basketball, and baseball. They are not just betting site but they also updates all about sports. There are easy steps to bet. All you have to do is you have money, guts or determination and believe that your team will win. They are also reminding bettors that there are two major positives to this form of betting. First, the bettor can only lose once in this system, when the streak ends. Second, he can ride the streak to win many games in a row. They are other form of betting is rather simple and doesn’t really involve any handicapping. In this form of wagering, the bettor will determine a set number that is considered a streak. Once a team reaches the predetermined number to qualify as a streak, the bettor will automatically bet on or against the team that is on a streak. They also provide information on sports betting tips and tricks. 1. You are not a fan it means to say that the successful sports bettor has no biases, and there are no favorite teams. 2. Keep emotions in check it means that the successful sports bettor must be able to deal with all of the highs and lows of sports betting in an even manner. Winning streaks must be kept in perspective, and the bettor must also be able to properly handle a losing run.3. Practice patience is one of the very important characteristics of the bettor don’t push the envelope, just enjoy the game. The last but not the least is 4. Perception isn’t reality the professional sports bettor will not automatically jump on the bandwagon of a good team or rush to bet against the weak team. After all, it is just one game out of a schedule of more than a dozen contests. The sharp sports bettor won’t be afraid to go against the grain, trusting his numbers and fundamentals. So, what are you waiting for? visit their site now at

Wonderful Day

Every day, I consider it as a wonderful day..Who knows? I will not wake up later. So I make the most out of it. Life is uncertain. Today your okay later your not. Life here on earth is temporary the only thing that will last is changes.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I enjoy this game

Some people tend to put their lives on luck. They thought that if they hold on their luck their will find answers to their needs. Everyday, I see to it that I play my favorite game which is online casino.My personal reaction regarding on some states in the U.S. are passing a law that says a portion of your winnings at the casino will be taken out to pay child support. Do you think casinos should interfere or do you think casinos should help collect child support? My answer to this question is yes, the casinos should help collect child support in order to for the children of the next generation will be responsible enough to their lives or to their own family someday. Helping them not just financially but be a good example to them and help them boost their self- esteem.Every time I play this game I thought to myself I play and enjoy this game on the other hand I'm helping others. Whenever I play this game I experience the thrill of their online games. They have various games to choose from such as:
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Not only that they also have over 100 casino games online for you to choose from. All you have to is download their site, and undergo in their easy steps registration and you are now automatically one of the million member of their online games. They have a wonderful offer if you join now and they will give you up to £100 to get you started. There's also regular player bonuses and offers every month for every player. Rest assured that their online games are trusted name in gaming and pays out millions every month. Choose from a range of fantastic jackpot games with millions waiting to be won instantly. Don't waste your precious time now, join them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $1 Million to Haiti

Legendary actor and one of the few celebrities who has a generous heart."This donation sends a clear message to the people of Haiti that America's commitment to helping rebuild their country is strong," added President George W. Bush. "I thank Leo for setting a wonderful example for all Americans of helping a neighbor in need."

Monday, January 18, 2010

The game that help boost our Economy

You read it right. It really help our economy to boost because every individual in our place are risk takers. They believe in luck. I admit that I'm one of the million of people in this world who is addicted to play the online bingo. Every time I'm playing with my favorite past time game I cannot deny the fact that I had so much fun. Whenever I play, I meet different people, races and culture. They became my good friends. All of the people in this world are benefited of this kind of game because they help the poor in their supported foundations and the government are enjoying the taxes that they are paying. They are really one of the factors that our economy is growing despite the hardships that we are going through.
I learned that different individuals are giving their testimonies on how this game turn their lives. As if they are in the peak of their success. I was struck by someone shared his testimony that playing this kind of game gave him hope to live because through this game he provide the needs of his family which his children adored him more. I sudden realize that this game gave hope to those hopeless. When playing this game you will surely enjoy and on the other hand it is also helping other people. They are also giving rewards to its players with loyalty points which can be later on converted into cash and other items. All you have to do is undergo in there easy steps registration and before you know it you will automatically become a loyalty member and your account will be credited with 1,000 loyalty points. The points that will be awarded to you will go for many things which is registering, playing games and referring to a friend.
So, what are you waiting for?Let's play now and enjoy collecting points.

It's been two months already

For almost two months the victims of Maguindanao Massacre are still searching for justice. I hope those authorities will not be bribe from the powerful suspects which the primary witness of the said massacre pointed out to them. Here's one photo I took from the my friend.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Invitations for your Events

My parents will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary next month. My mom assigned me to contact all the local business establishments who are catering for wedding invitations. I don't like their offers because their prices are not affordable. So, I rely on the Internet and hoping to find a site that caters the services that I needed. I was surprise because in just a second I found the wherein they have all the invitations from baptism, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, birthdays and so on and so forth. That's why I recommend their site to my sister in law who will be holding a graduation this march to her only son. She will surely give Graduation Invitations to her closest friends and to our dear family members in our community. Not only that, Aunt Tonta ask me to provide for a First Communion Invitation for her daughter this coming 25th. I'm so excited for these events to happen. I'm pretty sure that my family will love the idea that I will share with them. So guys, keep that mouse busy clicking their site to enjoy their services.