Friday, September 3, 2010

Keisha will surely love this!!!!

My goddaughter Keisha will celebrate her second birthday this coming Saturday. But due to time frame her parents move it on Sunday. Her mommy Lyhra wants to be that day a memorable one. She wants a costume party for her only daughter. She search in some local stores located in our town but to no avail they turn her down because they cannot make it on time. Keisha's parents are loosing their hope yesterday. But I intervene in their conversation. I told them what if we browse in the Internet to find what you need. Besides Internet provide us everything we want to know. Without further adieu, Lyhra went to their room and get her laptop. And an instant I found the Barbie Costumes which is very fitted for the party. Keisha love barbie doll so much. As a matter of fact, she has collections of Barbie items in her room. I was surprised that they said yes and they love to be part of Keisha's birthday. The amazing part is that they offer affordable price for my cousin Lyhra to all barbie costumes. Great thing there's a site like this it makes the work so easy. It will save us time and money. I'm so thankful that they will make it a wonderful event to my god daughter. All her toddler friends and classmates will surely come. All of you are invited. Readers, if you want your party to be successful and stress free visit the for more details.

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