Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bono: Upcoming Election Impacts Whole World

The amazing U2 lead singer and social activist Bono is speaking out about the importance of the upcoming US presidential election -- saying he believes it can significantly impact the rest of the world and its view of America.

"The whole world has a stake in how things turn out," Bono said to thousands of Starbucks Corp. employees in New Orleans during a leadership conference, according to the Associated Press. The singer's (RED) label, which helps raise money to support AIDS programs in Africa, also announced on Wednesday it has partnered with the coffee company, says the AP.

Bono, who did not endorse either presidential candidate, spoke about the importance of brands. According to the AP, Bono told the crowd he feels the upcoming presidential election is a great opportunity to help "relaunch Brand USA," the way the rest of the world views America. The wildly popular U2 frontman is a native of Ireland.i love all of their songs.

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