Sunday, March 1, 2009

I experience Miracle

When we are in Sta. Maria, Marilao Bulacan, we visited the church The Lady of Eucharist and Grace. And there we meet Bro. Camilo Cortez an healer. He is blessed because the Lord give him a gift that he treasures and share to all the people. He ask the three spiritual directors in our group and our three coordinators to get the rose in the altar and take out their petals. They place the petals in the small basin and place the holy oil. Then he prayed. After which, He calls our attention and he ask us to lined up in three to the altar. We followed his instruction. The three priest anoint us by placing sign of the cross in our forehead and our hands with the holy oil. And then Bro. Camilo place the petal in my chest and prayed over us. Almost hundreds of people were there. And we prayed in the altar and later on as we get the petal in our chest an image appear in that petal. Some receives padre Pio image, some divine mercy image, some Blessed Virgin Mary's image and some are saints. That was the most memorable experience I had in our pilgrimage.

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Manang Kim said...

I missed going to many shrines and convention hay. Though miracles do happen every second of the day some miracles are given in this gathering too. I am so happy you experienced it. God bless! And welcome home.