Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bob Marley

When I was in college, my school mates love to collect stuff of Bob Marley. I didn't know who is he? Where he comes? There was a time that they're fighting. Because of their patronizing this man. I searched for his life. Bob Marley was very famous in Jamaica. He is not just an artist in music but activist as well. Through his music, he will wake up his people in the reality because when you are poor, you cannot claim justice. He was a very good man until he was addicted to weed. He likes to smoke whenever he's on stage performing. I think he got cancer of the lungs. I read an article too that Bob Marley had lots of (Kuto, Kayumad, Lisa/Lusa)lice and fleas. Until now, I'm still listening to his music.

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