Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm enjoying my new Ride

Since I was a kid, I love to drive different cars. My father was my first coach. He teach me everything about cars. And he wants me to inherit our farm machinery that's why he is so persistent to teach me. I think I have in my blood the passion of driving cars. As I grew up, I studied cars and it's function. I considered cars as the most fastest way to reach your destination. So, I went to school, and after finishing my degree I took up driving lesson and I passed all the test. I immediately went to Land Transportation Office to get my licensed. Now, I'm a professional driver and got a good skill in driving. As I save some money in working in our ranch I bought my fruits of labor which is car. I call him "baby". My baby is my partner whenever I go. Maybe you are confuse where did I bought my baby. Well my secret is I visit the page of Used Ford Cars wherein they have affordable cars from brand new to used cars. They also have the following services:
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