Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chicago Bear Honors Hudson's Slain Brother

The star player of Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris paid tribute to Jennifer Hudson's deceased brother by making a donation from his personal closet.

The NFL player gave the family one of his football jerseys to honor the late Jason Hudson, The Chicago Tribune reports.

"A lot of times you try to understand things but you can't fathom that, losing three loved ones within three days. It's very difficult and my prayers are with the family," Harris said. "It's hard but you just have to try not to lose faith in God."

Harris has been a friend of Hudson's for several years and recently received a phone call from a friend of the family requesting the jersey.

Jason, Hudson's brother, was found shot dead in his home along with his mother Darnell Donerson last Friday. Hudson's seven-year-old nephew was also found dead a few days later. It's good to hear that this man has a good heart.

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