Friday, September 12, 2008

Demi Moore Makes Her Directorial Debut!

Demi Moore has taken on a lot of roles in her life --wife, mother, actress, superstar, sex symbol -- and now she can add director to her list. The raven-haired superstar is making her directorial debut with a short film starring none other than her very own offspring, daughter Rumer Willis.

"The great thing is I'm seeing her mature and operate as a complete professional," Demi says of working with her daughter. "And it's giving us, I think, another opportunity to connect in a totally different way."

Demi's short film 'Streak' is part of the Glamour Reel Moments project presented by Suave. 'Streak' is part of a series of three short films that are based on real women's stories and written by real women -- the readers of Glamour magazine. The other two shorts will also be marking the directorial firsts for Courteney Cox and screenwriter Kiwi Smith.

"I think the reason that something like Glamour Reel Moments is important is that it's creating opportunities for someone like myself or Kiwi Smith, who is a writer, ... to try something that we might not otherwise get, which is also most importantly -- encouraging women directors," says Demi.

'Streak' -- based on the story by Glamour reader Jenny Smick -- spins the tale of a senior in college whose brave act leads to her own self-acceptance. Demi grabs hold of Hollywood's up-and-coming stars -- Rumer, Brittany Show, Madeline Zima and Sarah Wright -- to tell 'Streak''s personal story.

Rumer also gets personal, telling of her experience working with her famous mother, "I think other times when your mom's telling you what to do, you're like, 'God Mom, come on!' But when the creative side kind of comes with it, I've been really impressed and it's a really interesting thing to see."

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