Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are You Looking For Refreshment?

I have been working in the Printing Company for six years now. For that long period of time, I noticed that every time we were having our break my office mates would go outside and buy their snacks and drinks. And sometimes, they call the fast food chain to deliver their ordered foods. It's a time consuming and they will not give their very best in work because they are hungry. Three weeks ago, our Chief Executive Officer call for a meeting to tackle the sales and concerns of his employees. And I thought, this is the perfect time that I can suggest that we will put a machine that has snacks, sodas, soft drinks, coffee, candies, or any kind of food that will nourish our body. And my reason for this, is for his employees that will be productive because they will work in the best as they could because their tummy are full. Our CEO was amaze by my suggestion, and immediately ask me to make action on this matter as what I suggested. Immediately, I went to my desk and search the 1800Vending wherein they have the cheapest and affordable price to install the machine. They are also featuring 1800Vending Article wherein the buyer will have a chance to read all the pros and cons of their product. They are also featuring 1800Vending Net . So hurry, avail their offer now.

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