Thursday, October 30, 2008

'Saturday Night Live' Ratings Soar Thanks to Presidential Race

The result of the Ratings for "SNL" have soared this season thanks to presidential impersonations aplenty, not to mention Sarah Palin's highly anticipated showdown with Tina Fey. The question is: Will ratings continue to rise when John McCain cameos on the show tonight?

The Associated Press says "SNL" saw its highest ratings in 14 years when Palin playfully confronted her impersonator, Fey, live from New York two weeks ago.

McCain's planned appearance tonight comes three days before the election, on a show to be hosted by vocal Democrat and Barack Obama supporter Ben Affleck. But McCain is no stranger to the "SNL" stage -- he appeared in May after winning the Republican nomination and hosted the show in 2002. It's not yet the election day. Wait for that dy and the people will judge who will win the presidential election.

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