Thursday, November 20, 2008

Former 'Bachelor' Couple On Again?

One of the finest man. "The Bachelor"'s Charlie O'Connell says he's willing to give it another try with Sarah Brice, his choice from the show in 2005.

"Everything's going great right now," O'Connell tells People magazine about the couple's decision to give their relationship another chance. O'Connell, 33, gave Brice the final rose in the show's finale in spring 2005 and the two quickly moved in together in Los Angeles. But they decided to split in April 2007.

"We're not taking each other for granted," says O'Connell, the brother of actor Jerry O'Connell. "I enjoy hanging out with her." "My brother's got kids coming." (Jerry is expecting twin girls with wife Rebecca Romijn soon) "We did look at houses together last weekend. I'm not saying moving in isn't a possibility."

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Kevin said...

Celebrities will always be...celebrities! One minute they're with one girl, the next minute they're with another. One year they'll be married, and the next they'll be separated.

Keep blogging :)