Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monday: the result

My brother, went out to his office to check me out. I was sleeping in his bed with my body so hard to moved, I feel that I cannot move my whole body because of my stomach. He finally decided that He will accompany me to a internist so that I will know what 's the problem. I was listed no.40, So I patiently waited for my turn, then when the 1:15 p.m. strikes the Doctor just came out, according to her secretary she will be back at 2:30 p.m. I said to myself. What on earth am I here? I just need to sleep and bear this pain. But my brother was so persistent. While waiting he continuously talking to me about things. Which my brain couldn't absorb because of the pain. I lean my head to his shoulder, I told him, wake me up when the doctor will arrived.
The waiting for almost an hour is worth because I was next. I went inside.
Doctor: What's the problem?
Janiz: I have hyper acidity, Doctor.
Doctor: Come and lied here. (Pressed my abdomen)
Are you Pregnant?
Janiz: (Smiled) No, Doctor.
Doctor: Why you are smiling? Is it impossible? Who is that guy? I thought he is your BF?
Janiz: Hahaha! No, doctor he is my brother.
I secretly thought to myself, Just like Mama Mary who were pregnant without a father!hehehhe
Doctor: I need you to have an ultrasound by three p.m so that I will know what is in your stomach.
Janiz: Ok, doc.

We went to the hospital and waited for our turn. The result of the ultrasound is theirs fluid in pelvis which caused by infection.