Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Bad weekend!

First Friday, I went to the church to hear the first friday mass. I told Mom that I'll be going home late, because I was so addicted to the Internet I went to a internet shop and play the farm town in facebook. One way, to mend m loneliness of losing Botchoy. After 2 hours, I went home with two packs of Boy Bawang that I bought from Mercury Drug Store near the Internet Cafe. I almost finished eating the one pack when I reach home. Then, I ask my mother what is our viand. I eat my supper around 9p.m. Then I felt strange in my stomach, it hurts. I suddendly stood up from my bed, run to our kitchen and boil some water. After boiling I made milk. I still struglling in with the pain. I didn't sleep. I went out and I move to our balcony. As I lying in the couch, suddenly the dinner I had I vommitted it. All of them, my stomach hurts. I called my brother, he was surprised when he saw me lying with lots of yikes in the place. I cannot sleep for the rest of the night.

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