Friday, January 23, 2009

Looking for Halloween Costumes?

I love the month of November because this time our family have will gathered in the cemetery and visit our love ones who are departed in this world. I will always remember the occasion Halloween because every year we celebrate it with the entire family. Halloween party is the best because it's once a year and the memories are life time. It's a celebration wherein my nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa wears their Halloween costume. Kids love to knock our doors to do their trick or treat and in return we give them cash or candies that they will surely enjoy. When I was a kid, my mom lend me her Halloween costume because our teacher oblige us to wear and for the first time our school conducted this kind of event. I have no choice but to wear my mom's wedding dress. I have mixed emotion at the back of my head what would be my classmates and school mates will say if they saw me. My brother drove me to school and I was amaze by my school mates and classmate who wears very scary costumes like Dracula, white lady and Frankenstein costumes. We had so much fun. We drink bloody Mary. That memories still linger in my head and makes me smile.
During my high school years, Our teacher requires us to wear Halloween costume in order to raise funds in our school project. I went to a well known dress shop and look for Halloween costume but there are no available. I was very hopeless. I want to participate in once in a lifetime event in our school. But I use my head and I search the internet and no sweat I found this amazing website that offers Halloween costumes. Their costumes were excellent and you can purchase it online. It's easy and affordable. That's why I browse their site and l I earned that they are also featuring costumes for kids, toddlers, TV and movies, adult, babies, mask, make up, wigs and wings accessories, supplies and decoration. It's a one stop shop. All your needs are here. It's just one click away and you can have your Halloween costume for you and for your family. Visit their website now and avail their wonderful offer.

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