Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The best place to have your vacation

I love to travel around the world. I consider that as one of my favorite hobby besides chatting and surfing the Internet. As a matter of fact, I've been to Europe, USA and some parts of the world. But there's a a place in Asia that I've spent my vacation that so fantastic it's the Okinawa, Japan. The people were amazing, they are so hospitable and they welcome us so warmly. Tourism is very good when it comes to their beaches. I just browse my Internet and found out about Okinawa Travel Guide. They are one of the leading vacation destination in the web today. I love to comeback in their place and share it to the one I love. It's a dream come true for me. Last week, my friend Kumot came here to visit me and ask for my opinion about the best destination to have their honeymoon with her wife. Kumot was married for one month now due to his heavy schedule at work, he wanted to surprise his wife to spend their honeymoon in the other country. That's why, I'm so grateful the he cling to me. I immediately recommended to him the Okinawa, Japan wherein they have lots of beautiful spots, hotels and people are accommodating. Upon hearing all of this information, he kissed me because of the joy he feel. Finally, he will give his wife a total relaxation and he assured me that they will have so much fun. Not only that it's one way to get to know each other. He added. Then he leave. I'm so happy for them. Especially I made an instrument to strengthen their marriage bond. I'm sure they will have good time. So, readers are you envious with them? Come on visit their site now at to experience one of a kind relaxation and for more details.

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