Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hurlbut & Associates Retail Consulting

It's not new to hear that today we are experiencing global financial crisis. We sometimes think that living in this world cost us fortune. Every time we earn or receive our salary it's not enough to our needs specially those who have three kids. No matter what we do, we still think of our budget and the money that we are going to spend. This was my experience, I was so desperate to raise my three kids and I am single mother. Sometimes, my negative thoughts would come and I though of giving up. But my heart is fighting in order for my kids to have a brighter future. I manage our retailing business and at the same time I worked as a part time librarian in our town. Last Monday, I searched the Internet hoping to find solution to my problem. I was hook up by this website cash flow and profitability wherein they are delivering results for their retail clients since 2003. Their individualized, comprehensive approach has helped their clients realize tangible, measurable improvements in inventory management, retail management, sales, profit margins and cash flow. They are giving quality services to their clients. This includes:
  • Retail strategy and execution
  • In-store customer experience
  • Merchandising and buying
  • Sales planning
  • Inventory management
  • Retail coaching and training
Not only that they are one of the outstanding firm who offers amazing strategies to make your business profitable.Their mission is to help each and every one of us improve our bottom line. They provide practical, effective solutions because they know we need results, not theory. They provide a comprehensive approach, because they understand the issues we are dealing with impact every corner of our business, from sales strategy and customer service, to marketing and merchandising, to buying and vendor management, to operations and finance. This is awesome, all the information that I need to know is all here at their website

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