Sunday, April 26, 2009

My pets strike for another pose

I love taking pictures of my pets. I miss to post their pics on my blog. Here are their individuals poses:

TJ on his adorable look

Alex in her mouth wide open

Alex on sitting position

Alex snob the camera

Alex on hunting pose

Alex on lying position

TJ smiling in front of the camera

Alex is dizzy

Alex in her tongue out

Alex is lying in her favorite bed

Alex with her big tummy


Jenny said...

Wowoww what a dogs?heheh Thanks for the message..take care

Manang Kim said...

They are so cute, I thought na yung picture that she is lying parang nagdadrama lang na patay-patayan hehehe.

janz said...

@ Jenny, thanks for the comment.

janz said...

@ Manang Kim,
hehehehe! dami kc talent c Alex ate..